Hi! I’m Allyson. I’m a Libra, which means I’m all about the aesthetics, fairness and I am a huge social butterfly. I’m a lover of true crime, the spooky & the macabre, plants, thrifting, the earth, the human condition, and trash TV. I have found a home away from home at Hair Fusion. I’ve always had a passion for art, as well as beauty. Being able to fuse those two loves of my life has given me greater purpose, and in turn I truly couldn’t love my job any more than I do. My career gives me an outlet for my creativity and my need for constant social interaction, so work doesn’t feel like work to me most days. My goal when you are in my chair is for you to feel like you’ve met a friend for coffee, and just happened to have left more gorgeous than when you got there. Self-care should be a treat, and I hope I can be just that for you! I love big, bold transformations whether that’s bridal makeup, vivid hair colors, an edgy undercut, a soft balayage or a brow wax and tint. I know what’s on the outside can have a profound effect on how we feel on the inside and I try to honor that and help make your most authentic, radiant self shine through. If you need a beauty boost and quite possibly a therapy session, I am your girl!