Tired of using the best skin products and getting facials without seeing results? It's time to take the plunge into the medical side of esthetics, and really make a head turning difference in your skin! We don't take walk-ins and we aren't going to be the cheapest, because our Spa and Salon goes above and beyond to make sure that you get the confidentiality, professionalism, and expertise that you deserve. Book your free consultation today!


Our full service med spa leaves you feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Medical Grade PeelsStarting at $75
Botox$11 / unit
Juvederm$600 / syringe
Voluma$800 / syringe
Kybella$1,000 / session
Latisse3.0 ML Latisse: $100.005.0 ML Latisse: $175.00
Collagen Induction Therapy$200With PRP: $290


Are you tired of plucking, or waxing? You may want to consider laser hair removal. In 2-6 treatments your unwanted hair is permanently gone from any area of your body and face! We use a medical grade machine, and our technicians have more than the required training necessary to take care of you. We can help you eliminate age posts, sunspots, unwanted pigmentation and acne scaring. All consultations are free including test spots so that you can see for yourself before you commit!

 Price Per TreatementPackage of 3 20% discount
Pigmented Skin Lesions (sun spots, age spots, freckles, moles)$100 - $200$270 - 480
Spider Vein Removal$100$240
Acne Treatment Inflammatory & Scars$110$264
Scars & Stretch Marks$110$264
Photo Rejuvenation $230$552
Wart Removal$60$144

LASER SERVICES - Permanent Hair Removal Packages

 Price Per TreatementPackage of 5 20% discount
Facial Package - Lip, Chin, Jaw$90$288
Underarms and Bikini$290$928
Lower Legs, Feet & Toes$373$1,194
Men - Clavicle/Sternum Fade$250$600
Men - 1/2 Back, Upper or Lower$250$600

LASER SERVICES - Permanent Hair Removal Pricing Samples

 Price Per TreatementPackage of 5 20% discount
Arms Lower (forearm to above elbow)$170$760


A Dermalogica Skin Therapist will provide a 1-on-1, hand-on, analysis of your skin. Moving zone by zone, we will teach you about your skin and answer your questions. With this information, we will help you choose products and facial treatments best-suited for your skin type as well as provide you a custom skin prescription so that we can send you off with healthier skin in your future.

Face Mapping$90